BCAA Intra
Give your body what it needs during your workout!

You train with a goal in mind. You want to get stronger, increase your muscle mass, sprint faster, or sustain an effort for longer. Before training you probably take a pre-workout supplement for extra focus, energy and strength. But when you’re playing sports at your maximum level, your muscles have a great deal to contend with. Your muscles acidify and develop small tears. Certainly if you play sports a lot, in the long term this can result in fatigue and injuries. If you drink BCAA Intra while engaging in sports, you break this circle. In the long term, BCAA Intra ensures that you achieve your goals quicker and stretch your boundaries further.

The benefits of BCAA Intra
Contains 2 grams of BCAA in the 3:1:1 ratio
Essential amino acids for immediate repair of muscle damage
Minerals (Electrolytes) prevent the muscles from cramping
Prolongs the effect of a pre-workout supplement
The composition
BCAA Intra contains several ingredients which are important for you while training. Think in terms of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) and Glutamine for lightning-fast muscle recovery. And besides that, think of minerals and electrolytes which maintain your moisture balance that prevent your muscles from cramping. BCAA Intra contains no fats, no sugars and no carbs.